The links below are to a few of the sites that cover online security issues. Most of the below sites have additional links to other sites that will also be beneficial to anyone wanting to learn more about online security threats. The sites list below do a very good job of explaining and even diagramming many of the security issues of the day.

Security Focus

Security Focus is a good general purpose security site that tracks application and programming vulnerabilities as they are discovered. Their searchable database makes it easy to quickly learn about a particular event or vulnerability.

Gunter Ollman

Gunter Ollman's site is a must visit to get a quick overview of all the online attack scenarios. The illustrated articles make it easy to understand the nuts and bolts of the attacks we all read about but don't always understand.

Krebs On Security

Brian Krebs has been one of if not the only journalist to track the growing threat online banking poses to small businesses. Brian has documented dozens of attacks that have thwarted almost all the existing online security measures banks have in place.

Secure Computing Magazine

The Secure Computing magazine site is another good general purpose security site. Visitors have a full range of security topics to choose from and are able to quickly narrower their search using the site. Their buyers guide is a good place to perform a survey of the security product market.

Google Online Security

The google online security blog thoroughly covers the topics that it discusses. The Google employees that author the articles have a unique view of many issues because their access to data is unmatched for many types of attacks.

Kapersky SecureList

This Kaspersky related security site is a must for anyone that wants to keep up with online security issues. The site tracks current threats, writes about them, and helps explain how they are related to previous attacks and how they have morphed over time to become more effective.

Portals and Rails

The Portals and Rails site is maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Articles on this site are not as frequent as many others but they are specifically targeted to banking related payment risks and might be useful if your interest is banking centered. Due to the prevalence of online banking risk many of the articles have been specific to online payment risks.