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Check fraud is now counted in the billions of dollars and continues to rise. Technology has made it easy for criminals to create fraudulent checks. Check Positive Pay can help your customers minimize their risk and exposure by showing you their checks as they are created. Check Positive Pay enables your customers to send you their check file so that their issues are matched against checks presented for payment. Customers can choose to review all incoming checks and not bother with issue files. This option, reverse Check Positive Pay, is most common with smaller customers or for special accounts.


Check Positive Pay minimizes risk and exposure in one easy-to-use package.

Improved Control and Security

Customers can pay or return items that do not match their issue information. Returning forged or altered checks prior to payment reduces cost by avoiding losses and legal fees.

Easy to Use

The screens and menus are intuitive and easy to navigate just like today's most popular websites.

Flexible File Import Capabilities

Check Positive Pay accepts virtually any file format. An easy to use file mapper let's your customers use files from third party packages or spreadsheets. A manual entry screen will make it a snap for customers to move information from their accounting systems to the bank.

Streamlined User Maintenance

Customers can maintain their own company users and permissions based on bank defined limits. Bank staff will not spend valuable time resetting passwords, maintaining users, or emailing audit activity reports. Customers can be permitted to do it all for themselves.

Segregation of Duties

User level permissions and account access limits are very granular to ensure customers and users only perform permitted duties. The upload and approval functions can also be separated so that two employee authorizations are required to release issue and void files to the bank.


The online reports and file export capabilities enable you to reconcile your accounts and easily integrate information into your own accounting systems.


View images of daily exceptions and historical paid items


The Check Positive Pay product is easily integrated into your secure portal site. Based on your preference the application can be protected and run independently from your other online applications. Check Positive Pay is further protected by multiple application level security enhancements.

Personalized Email and SMS/MMS Alerts

Customers can choose to be notified about any account activity, a specific event, or not at all. Bank staff have the added flexibility of authoring alerts or permitting customers to author the body of their own alert messages.

Flexible Deployment Options

Check Positive Pay is available via Breakpoint's SaaS model or it can be deployed independently at your chosen location.